Frequently Asked Questions.

How long do you play For?

Typically, around three hours. The finishing time is dictated by the venue. The band will provide disco or background music until the bride and groom are ready for their first dance, after which the band will play their first set. During any breaks that the band takes, disco or background music will be played.

How much do you cost?

Our fee for weddings in 2016/17 is £700.

Do you have lights?

Yes. We carry a variety of stage and ambient lighting to provide the perfect atmosphere. We do not use strobes because of guests with epilepsy.

What do you wear?

Smart trousers and/or shirt/dress/skirt. We never wear scruffy jeans or clothes at someone’s wedding.

How loud are you? I’ve been to dances where the band was way too loud.

Our sound level is always appropriate to the size of the venue and audience. Our sophisticated Bose PA ensures a uniform sound field that will let you hear every word of every song while still being able to hold a conversation. We can also cope with venues with sound level monitoring systems as we have total control over our sound.

Will you get drunk and eat all the buffet?

We never get drunk while playing. We only drink water on stage. We would only participate in the buffet if invited to do so by the bride and groom and only then after your guests have been served.

How do I book you?

You can fill in the form on the contact us page to make an enquiry or simply phone us. We can then inform you if the date is available. We are happy to take provisional bookings, but, be aware that often there can be more than one party interested in a particular date. In this case, the party that pays a deposit first, has that date confirmed. We feel that this is the only fair way to do it. Once you have decided to book, we ask you for a £50 deposit. This is deducted from the full fee and is returnable if you cancel within three months of the dance date. Once the deposit is paid, the date is yours.